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The world is invited to perform together in a global happening

There will be eleven events per day

6-11 June

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  1. Move in slow motion for three minutes in a public space, starting suddenly and ending without comment *
  2. Check your hair in a window as if it were a mirror, even better if there is someone on the other side
  3. Saunter uncomfortably for a while then stop, remove your shoe and empty out all of the raisins inside
  4. Travel in a line with at least three other persons, gently massaging each other’s shoulders as you go
  5. Do a handstand in an unusual place, like the foyer of a theatre, a library, a museum or public toilet
  6. Stop while walking as if you remembered something and exclaim “The boogie!” six times within a minute
  7. Think of a chess piece – for six minutes, move or stand where you are as if you were that chess piece
  8. Follow a stranger for approximately 6 minutes and 66 seconds, and imitate their posture and movements
  9. For between 6 and 666 seconds, stand in the middle of a busy place pretending you are having a shower
  10. Get a stranger to dance with you for more than six seconds – it is likely that you hum a popular song
  11. Whenever somebody asks you ‘how are you?’ or a similar question, simply respond in interpretive dance

* Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere




  1. Late one night film yourself dressed as a cat-burglar stealing a possession from your own living room *
  2. Give a makeover to something that normally wouldn’t receive one; like a bin, tree, phone-box or chair
  3. Pretend that one of your hands is permanently stuck to your face – either your forehead or your cheek
  4. Carefully kick a piece of fruit down a street, never too hard.  You may want to draw a face on it?
  5. Attempt to access extraterrestrial consciousness by exploring permutations of things, ephemera et al. **
  6. Imaginatively vandalise an advertisement in a public area and feel absolutely zero guilt for doing so
  7. Write a poem or letter to a stranger and slip it between the pages of a newspaper for someone to find
  8. Dress up as a mime and then shout out actions (‘Tug A Rope’, ‘Stuck In A Box’ etc.) in a public space
  9. Take a piece of bread, go to a pedestrian crossing and help it cross to the other side with your nose
  10. Order wine in a restaurant.  When the waiter pours you a taster, hold it to your ear and listen to it
  11. In sunlight he’s shimmering and pulling away at the edges, tattered, smiling, tumbling from the wall. ***

* Adam de la Cour, composer
** Neil Luck, composer
*** Jon Clay, poet




  1. If you can only think within familiar words create a new language and devise the meaning of each sign *
  2. Introduce pages of crumpled or folded newspaper into all of your pockets, t-shirt, trousers and socks
  3. Carry around a large frame structure, in such a manner that you are enclosed – like a living portrait
  4. Fill a bowl with water and strike the sides as you slosh it about, maybe recording the sound of it
  5. Create a dance track by going to a noisy environment and pushing both your tragi in and out in rhythm **
  6. Pronounce the word ‘irony’ as ‘iron-ny’ / ‘I Ronnie’ for a whole day and see if anyone gets the irony
  7. Express your passionate and unconditional love to a tree, lamp-post, or pavement slab for six minutes
  8. Invent an exclamation, then use it casually in conversation. If asked, it was in a strange phrasebook
  9. Place a coin on your palm and hold it out.  Only when someone takes it, are you free to move again
  10. Speak like Stephen Fry.  Pretend to be Stephen Fry.  Move like Stephen Fry.  Behave like Stephen Fry.
  11. Make a list of nouns as they occur to you. Make a list of verbs as they occur to you.  Make a list of ***

 * Catalina Niculescu, artist
Louis d’Heudieres, composer
Catherine Bennett, artist




  1. Two friends share a cheeseburger meal whilst talking about an oak tree. All the trash goes in the cup *
  2. Ask someone for the date, then after they tell you, say with tired desperation, “yes, but what year?”
  3. Out of breath, give someone a CD or memory-stick, telling them it’s very important, then absconding
  4. Stand at the top of an escalator smiling, your palm up and out.  How many high fives can you get?!
  5. Speak like a Shakespearean character. If asked why, reply: we know what we are but not what we may be
  6. Choose a favourite song and use a sentence from the lyrics in normal spoken voice during conversation
  7. Put your phone next to your ear, and for some time pretend you reply “No way. No way!” into the phone
  8. Ask 66 people directions to a monument, attraction or museum which is located in another city/country
  9. Approach a stranger and pretend you recognise an old friend. You met at Christine’s party 2 years ago
  10. Stand still at the beginning of a pedestrian crossing and when a car stops simply stare at the driver
  11. Approach a stranger on the street, get their attention, say: “I thought I would never see you again.”

* Andy Ingamells, freelance contributor of thought




  2. Buy something inexpensive in a small shop, then immediately hand it back saying “I bought it for you”
  3. Standing in view of a security camera, slowly turn just your head to face it, as creepily as possible
  4. Sign or mark every sheet of a roll of toilet paper and sell it on the internet, in a presentation box
  5. Close eyes anywhere, recording—left hand if right-handed/right hand if left-handed—all you experience **
  6. Draw faces onto the tips of your fingers and amuse people as you like, perhaps creating a little play
  7. Shout ‘EUREKA’ as excitedly as you can and then follow it a few seconds later with a drawn out ‘CRAP’
  8. Play ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ out loud, on a bus, doing your best to not blink whilst moving minimally
  9. Hold an ice-cream or ice-lolly in a warm place but don’t eat it, let it melt and drip all down you
  10. 66 times within 6 minutes pretend you are looking for your mother, you’re convinced she’s around here
  11. Moving to the floor, away from furniture/moving to gathering in away from sound moving in between ***

* Giorgio Sadotti, artist
** Billie Maciunas, poet
David Toop, author/musician




  1. A summery day, convince a stranger to draw a tree on a piece of paper without spoken or written words *
  2. Six times within sixty seconds approach the window of a parked car and shout “hello” before moving on
  3. Stand still at a public space (or public transport) – count all the people that pass by you, up to 66
  4. Facing a score, you mustn’t ask what you have to do, but what you can do with it.  There is no author **
  5. Invent a religious or political movement that is intolerant of intolerance and pull in your own flock
  6. TOGETHER Sobriquet fold_out. Pay me seashells to recite ongoing _____________________________________ ***
  7. Remove a page from any book and cook it within a larger meal.  Whilst eating it, consider its message
  8. Decide upon your most abominable characteristic and transform this into a superhero name for yourself
  9. Make a simple origami with a bit of arty twist, including the word ‘6666 Events’. Give it to somebody ****
  10. Get someone to lick something tasty from a part of your body, excluding the feet.  Okay, feet allowed
  11. if u had to pick would u pick quick easy slow hard life death left right tuesday wednesday 10 or 20?x *****

* ASA, director of Silly Missions
** Markus Wenninger, composer
*** Five Years, artist collective
**** Haruka Shibuya, pianist
***** Mica Levi, composer/Micachu and the Shapes