Very Strange + Limited Special Offer (!)

With every purchase of a piece of original art I will also
record myself saying your name over + over + over…!

Everything is the same price: £5.55 + that is
also the number of times I will say your name!

If you buy more than one work, then I will make a single recording
(2 buys=1,110 repetitions … 5=2,775 repetitions)

You’ll let me know if you want your full name, nickname, initials
or first name etc. then the final
recording will be delivered in
mp3 format which will then be yours to do with whatever you like.

(get the house party started, play off your phone speakers at the
back of the bus or simply force your parents to listen to it in full
Perhaps we could release an album + get your name in the charts where it belongs

This, frankly ridiculous offer is only valid for one week,
then the unsold art goes back into storage + your
name shall remain forever unspoketh by my tongue




Own your very own little bit of me...

I have decided to sell some of my smaller paintings!

If you live in London, I will deliver it to you personally.

Anywhere else in the UK, I will post for FREE!

I’ll send anywhere else in the world for a small charge.

This is the first time I have ever sold anything I’ve painted!

show me the art!

Aching This Wonderful Ache [2016]


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