KLK cover photo

Activated by, and making up one third of the group Matthew summoned for friends/composers Neil Luck and Josh Kaye to fill in the remaining thirds at the beginning of 2009, with an intention of performing spoken word material that is indistinguishable from, and containing all the nuances of music – simultaneously familiar and alien. Thousands of words excreted in patterns and games with particular focus on hurried recitation, where the eye, mind and mouth go their separate ways.

KLK, then, are a group of three London based composer/performers who have worked together extensively on many projects, happenings, and festivals. They have performed at experimental music, poetry, burlesque, basement, art gallery and theatre events and other curious locations around London and further away in Lithuania and Germany. Performing works mainly by Matthew but increasingly including pieces from Josh and Neil, KLK focuses on the spoken word as music – patterns and rhythms, overlapping voices, quickly spoken, suggestive and often challenging. A debut album was released on Squib-box Records in 2012 and can be downloaded for free by clicking here:


Pieces are a combination of solo, duo and (mainly) trio performances and involve unison speaking/shouting, piano accompaniment, word games, repetition, food and drink, interruption, provocative and colourful language, screaming, laughing, controlled breathing, specific and free timing – and, importantly, lots of incredibly difficult sentences, with intentionally alien syntax designed to throw our mouths and minds off track! Durations are between one and twelve minutes for pieces and so varied programmes are easy and quick to devise. We are always looking for new events to perform at, so do get in touch.


An Alphabeticalisation of Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom