Street Scenes [2010]

Street Scenes
June 26th 2010
Midday – 5pm
Old Compton Street, London


Glorious networks of hectically intriguing journeys and fantastic interweaving activities – streets are theatres, if we care to look or not.  Old Compton Street in Soho witnessed the scenes and exaggerated journeys that had been meticulously planned over several months, starting at one end of the street and ending at the other. Premeditated adventures from the simple, quick and unnoticed crossing to the complex extravagant drawn out expedition.



From celebrating closet doors and cake sharing to boiler suits and angry footsteps mixed with break dancers, musicians, Indian dancers, little drummers, theatrical troupes, acting homeless, walking pictures, life size crosses, opera singers, photographers and wandering film-makers   Sometimes performances were blindingly obvious to anyone watching, but sometimes, one couldn’t be quite as sure … did that person sat next to you just sing a burst of opera and is that person sat writing near you writing something specifically about you? Is that everyday existence or calculated commotion?


The event featured over fifty performers of all kinds, and used the whole of Old Compton Street as its stage, which was still open as normal to the public.



Street Scenes [2010]

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