The Nothing and the Nothingness - a Happening [2008]

The Nothing and the Nothingness
Tuesday 29th April 2008, 7 – 10pm
Louise T Blouin Institute, London

Over a hundred performers from many disciplines came together for an evening of exploration into nothingness at the Louise T Blouin institute in Notting Hill. They presented to visitors a wide range of aural and visual impressions about the subject of nothingness in art, music, philosophy and literature. After almost a year of planning, the result was a structured work from overlapping materials, performances, actions and environments for a freely moving audience to experience and assimilate the presented ideas and find their own meanings whilst constantly being challenged to consider the complex subject, by witnessing nothing happening and experiencing nothingness for themselves.




The Nothing and the Nothingness [2008]


The Nothing and the Nothingness [2008] (2)

The Nothing and the Nothingness [2008] (3) The Nothing and the Nothingness [2008] (4) The Nothing and the Nothingness [2008] (5)
Grace Nyandoro. John Lely & Tim Parkinson> Nothing is Real/Alvin Lucier. Mercury 4tet(Antoine Francoise, Vlad Mastorovici, Corentin Chassard, Harry Cameron-Penny)> Autumn ’60/Cornelius Cardew. Cecilia Wee> Do Nothing Chair Project/Larry Caveney. Rowyda Amin>Reader,I/crossed wires. Catalina Niculescu. John Callaghan. Neil Luck & Satako Doi> Origarmy. Shola Reynolds & Lily Barson> Report on Nothing. Conall Gleeson> Nichts, nichts und wieder nichts … aber doch irgendwie Alles/Claudia Molitor [flicker-scores.] National Art Service/No Peace. Sam Belinfante> Hum(Refrigerator.) Exquisite Corpse(Paul Newland & David Arrowsmith.) Andreas Borregaard. Drew Cyster & Ashley Long. Jordo & Mas> Binbagbisbashbom/music by jonny fox. Jutta Bannerman. Hannah long> Through Beckett. Madaleine Trigg> a manifestation of internal impulses from external stimmuli. Laurence Crane> Lecture on Nothing/John Cage. Blood Moon(Graham Dunning & Louise Woodcock.) Richard Thomas. Jon Clay. Vanessa Lanch. Owen Duff> Sleep, Loss, Death. Jo Thomas> Dark Noise, Theta. Micachu & the Shapes(Mica Levi, Raisa Khan & Marc Pell.) Vicki Princewill, Coryan Wilson-Shah & Priyal Kanabar. Rupert Cross> London Trite. Michelle Byrne. Colin Alexander. Mikhail Karikis. Antonio Jesús de la Fe Guides & Riccardo Buscarini. Stuart Russell & Lisa Ellis-Wiltshire> “Nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to say….” Elizabeth Harris/Pearl Smith. Ekca Liena & Sam Luck. Shyama Persaud. Peter Cave> Composition 1960 No.7/La Monte Young. Maria (Em) Smedstad. Sarah Drake. Elen Le Foll. Jim Flanagan. Iana Ianakieva> Nothing can make me feel. Joshua Kaye> Nothing In Numbers. Leena Akhtar. Cristina Miguel Mullen> Nada. JT> Nothing. Halal Kebab Hut-algorithmic junkestra> Conversation Piece/Simon Katan(Simon Katan, Lily Barson, Ella Jarman-Pinto, Ciaro O’Connor, Edward Anderton, Cimeon Ellerton, Kate Ryder, Ryo Ikeshiro, Carly Lake, Filippos Kanakaris, Jim Cartwright.) Junior, Sarah Moule> NOTHING NOTHING/Giorgio Sadotti. Alison Rosser> Writings Through John Cage/Paul Newland. Benny the Clown, Percy the Ringmaster & Ross the Horse(Adam de la Cour & Ben Piggott.) Emily Kenway. Harriet Wheeler. Edmund Hunt. Matthew Lee Knowles> Nothing Implied. Jane Wang> Nothingness. Bushra El-Turk> Almost About Nothing. Michael Ridge> Nothing on TV. Your Orange Coat> Nothing to do Today. Paul Burnell. Shanyio> C. Daniel Davies> A(nothing)B(to)C(say). Nothing Matters(Charlie Atkinson, Emily Dell, Roberta Edwards, Jenny Glithero, Juancho Gonzalez, Tom Kirk, Andrea Ware, Zoe Walker.) Yshani Perinpanayagam & Emily Allen. Charlie Laffer, Tommy Andrews, Alex Harris & Rick Simpson. Lubos Horvat. Keith Pavlick. Ed Nesbit. Alex Leese. Jenny Edwards. Tomo. Carla Onni.