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Matthew has taught piano since 2001 he was sixteen years old and to date has taught over 200 people from the age of four up to eighty.  He also teaches composition/music theory/aural training and worked tirelessly as an accompanist for exams, auditions and concerts for about fifteen years

As well as private lessons, he has taught at various institutions including City and Islington College (Goswell Road) and Queen Elizabeth’s School (Barnet)

If you would like to be put on Matthew’s waiting list for pupils you can contact him at: matthew[{at}]matthewleeknowles


Matthew teaches my 7-year year old daughter and I and we both love our lessons. He is creative, patient and highly imaginative. It’s a joy to be taught by him.

I am in my mid 60’s and had piano lessons as a child.  I wasn’t sure how I would get on playing the piano again after such a long break.  Matthew is a very positive and encouraging teacher. He is very patient when I don’t always understand something and makes me laugh.  I like too that he has introduced to me to composers such as Max Richter whose music I love. I feel very enriched by having him as my teacher.

I really like my lessons with Matthew because he makes it really easy and he’s very funny as well.

I returned to playing the piano as an adult after a twenty year gap. I chose Matthew as my teacher due to warm and affectionate reviews on his website from both adults and children. They were all true!  He is an inspiring teacher, being both an excellent pianist and composer. I love that he can find so many angles to explore in any piece of music, and I always leave with new ideas to consider. As an adult learner I’m not the diligent student that I once was. I like that Matthew can meet me where I am. He is very skilled at matching with your playing and learning style, and following up with tips by email or suggestions of music to try. He makes lessons a hugely enjoyable experience. He is also a very kind and caring person. I feel very lucky.

Matthew is an inspiration. He is full of energy and creativity, yet very focused. He accompanied me on piano for my violin grade exams and in my final recital at the Guildhall junior school. He also taught me transpositions and all about music to prepare for my Grade 5 theory exam. Thanks to Matthew, I stuck with music. He made me laugh and enjoy theory. I still use the knowledge he gave me to play guitar.

The piano is a great instrument to learn and it gets you ready for learning other instruments.  I enjoy doing piano with Matthew because he’s a really fun teacher. I’ve been learning piano with Matthew for over a year, and he says I’m progressing very well!

Matthew is a hard working teacher but always makes lessons fun and interesting.

Matthew is a great and very supportive teacher.  I always look forward to our lessons.

I very much enjoy Matthew’s lessons.  I get a lot out of lessons with him; I know more about music after every lesson.  He is enthusiastic, fun, musical and knowledgeable.  His way of teaching is creative but firm.  (The only thing I think he can improve on are his jokes, they can be pretty terrible sometimes!)

Matthew is a teacher who had got me playing the piano again.  He makes lessons really fun. I look forward to my lessons with him, rather than seeing them as a chore.

I’ve just started playing and am getting better every lesson. His lessons are really fun and I’m glad I’ve started playing the piano – it’s the best instrument to start playing. He’s the best teacher for it.

Matthew you are a brilliant teacher and you have  taught me a lot about how to improve my music.  Our lessons are fun and interesting.  Thank you.

Matthew makes lessons very engaging, even to me.

Matthew has taught my 10 year old daughter Sadie for 3 years and more recently he started teaching my 5 year old as well. He’s such a great teacher that I was inspired to take up piano lessons as well! So now he comes over every Tuesday afternoon and we all enjoy learning from him, one after the other. Matthew is a tremendously creative, patient, curious, good-humoured and positive person – he oozes music from his very being and we love it when he’s in the house – there is the sound of laughter, animated discussion and, of course, piano playing. He is more than just another piano teacher – the creativity of his composition and performance work feeds into his teaching so it’s never dry or repetitious. It wouldn’t be too much to say that our lives have been enriched by Matthew.
Mark W.

I like Matthew he makes funny jokes and we play musical games on the piano.

He makes the lessons fun, he’s a funny person but he always gets on with the lesson so by the end you’ve learnt something.

Matthew has a fantastic teaching style that makes lessons enjoyable and worthwhile.  His vast knowledge of all musical matters means he can help with both theory and composition alongside the actual playing of the piano.  Thanks Matthew for being such a great and supportive teacher.

Matthew is a very supportive and helpful teacher.  Whenever I struggle with a part in a piece he always has an interesting way to practice it.

I’ve had Matthew as a music teacher for about three years. He has helped me with music theory, aural practice and general preparation for my violin grades (by making sure I could play my pieces well with the piano accompaniment).  Matthew is very funny, patient and always finds good ways to teach hard stuff (like music theory). I always look forward to my lessons with him. If you are looking for a fab music teacher, he is the guy!
– Carlotta

Photo by Erin Gutierrez
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